Attention Horror Fans: This new technology brings new meaning to fear

BY: Tyler Johnson .
San Luis Obispo, CA. Last time, I talked about the Astoria VR high-definition headset and virtual reality Star Wars films and apps.

Well hang on to your shoelaces: I've discovered something new to do with the Astoria VR headset, and it's awoken the horror fanboy in me, bigly. I mean, big time.

That's right--Horror. Horror movies. Exclusive horror content and interviews. Horror TV and horror games and apps. This, my friends, is worth the price of admission alone, even if there were no other content available for the device. And there's tons of it.

First, if you haven't read my articles before, what is the Astoria VR Headset?

It's a Virtual Reality headset like no other you've seen before, and it works with your smartphone. Best of all, it works with almost ANY smartphone on the market (unlike some competitors that work with only one or two).

The device instantly transforms your smartphone into a fully immersive experience, allowing you to experience 360-degree VR content from the comfort of your own home.

First, you securely fit your phone into the device. Then, strap on the goggles. Lastly, fit the goggles to your liking with the adjustable strap. In less than a minute, you're ready to experience the most mind-blowing VR you've ever seen.

You can't be prepared for this level of immersive horror

First, I searched 360 VR Horror on YouTube's search engine. I was astounded how many hits I got. I love the movie Paranormal, and one particular 360 VR film caught my eye:

"Interactive Paranormal Seance 360 VR"

Ohhh yeah, let's try this one, I thought to myself, shivering in anticipation. I started the video using my Astoria VR Bluetooth Controller (more on that later), and in seconds I found myself

...In a dark, dingy garage with three teenagers drawing a pentagram on the floor, preparing for a séance. I watched uneasily, amazed by the fact that I could see the whole garage just by turning my head and looking around. I was inside the nightmare, and it was about to get even more real. I scanned around the room, but at first nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be happening. I started to breathe normally, until ...

The wheelchair behind the boy moved a few feet on its own! I gasped and my blood ran cold. None of the teens saw; they thought nothing was happening. From there, things deteriorated quickly. I couldn't escape, there was nowhere to run. Frantically, I looked around the room, looking for a way out--there was no way out.

How about a kiss??

Then, as I looked to my left, a ghoul popped out from between two boxes and reached for me--I jumped three feet in the air! It was all I could do not to shriek out loud. My heart was racing and my mouth was dry. Truthfully, I couldn't remember being this scared, and I've been to a lot of horror movies. This was like no movie I'd ever seen before, because I was in the movie.

When it was finally over, I was shivering again, this time with fear and delight. I picked the next exclusive 360-degree VR video, this time: "Ghost in My Room." In this one, I was trapped in a dark bedroom--the old familiar feelings of fear began to intrude again, only this time, I was in a cold sweat as a prowling poltergeist terrorized me for what seemed like hours. When it was over, I replayed it several times, and it was more fun each time.

Insidious 3 app on the App Store and Google Play: Get ready for a new level of terror

The Insidious 3 app on the App Store and Google Play

If you've seen the movie Insidious, you know what real fear is. Now, you can immerse yourself in that ghoulish experience with the Astoria VR Headset and become part of the cinematic experience. The Insidious 3 app lets you take control of a first-person viewpoint, explore the Insidious world, and meet (up close and personal) its freakish denizens.

(When I tried the Insidious app, I used Astoria VR's proprietary Bluetooth Controller to give me that little extra bit of control. Rather than using the controls on the headset itself, the Bluetooth Controller lets me stop, start, and interact with my 360-degree app or video. And the best part is, it costs just a little bit more to get one.)

From the time I started the app, I forgot I was safe in my house. I forgot I could take off the headset and stop the experience at any time. I forgot about the passage of time. I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn't--I had to know what came next. All I knew was fear. Fear of what was lurking around the next corner, hiding behind the next door, waiting for me at the end of the next hallway. I wanted to stop, but i couldn't stop. I had to go until the end, i had no choice--and you'll feel the same way.

Where are you? Come out and play ...

The Astoria VR Headset is absolutely perfect for any horror fan. It's easy to use, there's a ton of content out there on YouTube (that works only with the Astoria), and it's a completely immersive, and thus terrifying experience.

Now, a little more about the Bluetooth Controller accessory that you can get with the Astoria VR Headset.

Some competitors have external controls on their headsets themselves; you have to hold your hand up to your face to make adjustments, start/stop content, etc. Astoria VR has those controls as well. But now, they are offering special deals on their own brand of external bluetooth controller--this little device allows you to search for and select content, start/stop videos, control game characters, etc.--all for just a nominal extra charge.

The bluetooth controller is really a must-buy along with the headset. It makes it so much easier to control your content without taking off the headset between videos. The controller links directly to your smartphone and allows you to control whichever app or YouTube 360 video you're in at the moment--remember, the YouTube 360 content only works with Astoria VR, so forget expensive competitors.

Is there something in my eye?

There are no limits

Astoria VR isn't just horror, of course--there are virtually no limits to the content you can experience with the Astoria VR Headset. And there's more coming out every day.

A few examples:

Outdoor sports.

How about a fully immersive skydiving experience? You can be freefalling from 18,000 feet in seconds.


How about a safari, or a nature tour hosted by President Obama himself? Check.


How about a journey through a black hole in deep space? You can see one from the inside.

It doesn't matter what your interests are. There are hundreds of 360-degree VR videos on YouTube--that work exclusively with Astoria VR--and dozens of apps on Apple and Google to meet your needs.

Don't break the bank

There are other VR headsets out there. But they either cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, or you need a pricey games console to use them.

Not so with the Astoria VR Headset. Astoria's engineers have figured out how to harness the supercomputer in your pocket--your smartphone--with maximum efficiency, and developed a product that you can own for much less than you might think.

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